The Origin of Life in your Skin


Elinné is an advanced professional cosmetics company. Elinné is formed by a multidisciplinary team, specialists in professional cosmetics and pioneers in the research of excipients and complex ingredients for the cosmetic industry such as the use of 100% sea water, fruit waters, spa waters and natural medicinal plant extracts.

We have a prepared group of professionals capable of creating differentiation with the firm Elinné, researching and collaborating jointly with other groups such as the Consellería de Educación de la Generalitat Valenciana or the Sociedad Española de Medicina Estética y Longevidad, among others.

Elinné is advanced phytocosmetics, which uses functional active ingredients mostly extracted from plant sources. It has a very high component of natural origin, preferably betting on efficacy and safety of the skin.

El origen de la vida en tu piel

La primera línea de cosmética profesional en el mundo en la que toda el agua empleada proviene del mar


As a result of all the experience accumulated and after 7 years of absolute dedication, one of the most successful Elinné lines, Thalàxia anti-pollution, was born. A line in which all the knowledge acquired by the laboratory is applied to the advancement of the latest professional trends and which concluded its research with a training in Brittany and another intensive one in Japan where the group found the final inspiration in the Japanese beauty rituals, acquiring new techniques of work in the professional cabin and where Elinné finalised the most demanded Japanese textures nowadays.

Thalàxia is a line of professional cosmetics that normalises all skin types, without added preservatives in any of its products, without toxins, with hypoallergenic aromas, with epigenetic activation in the area of anti-ageing beauty and skin health, with a global anti-pollution effect that protects and corrects the damage generated by our most harmful environment (pollution, stress, atopy, inadequate diet and lifestyle habits, etc.). And all through the purest thalassotherapy found to date.

Training in Elinné aesthetics in Ginza-Tokyo (Japan).

Research at the Chūō-Tokyo site (Japan).

Wakame harvested from a marine plantation on the island of Bréhat (Brittany, France).

Plant stem cell synthesis laboratory in Paimpol (Brittany, France).

El agua de mar de Thalàxia

Seawater contains the universality of what exists on Earth. Each 1L of seawater is composed of: 965 ml of water, nucleic acids, DNA, essential amino acids, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, all the elements of the periodic table, phytoplankton, zooplankton -krill/omega3-, carbon chains and the information of the origins of cellular life.

All the elements that exist on Earth are also present in blood plasma, and in concentrations very similar to those in seawater. The explanation lies in the fact that the first cell on Earth originated in the sea in the Precambrian Period 3.8 billion years ago. The sea is the mother of all waters and of life. There is no life without water and, therefore, biology is the science of water.

The human being, as a biological organism, therefore comes from the sea, it is the same power that seawater has today to nourish us and keep us healthy. Its power will balance the imbalances in our skin and give us a universal beauty.

The purified seawater used at Thalàxia is extracted from the Mediterranean coast in places with a very high biological value, rich in oxygen, minerals and organic compounds that are sources of life, subjected to a sophisticated patented multi-stage microfiltration process, cold sterilisation and a highly selective purification system that manages to eliminate organic matter, bacteria and other microorganisms, without altering the mineral composition and all its richness in trace elements and organic compounds.

The Origen of Life in your Skin

Thalàxia has been created by Elinné with the idea of bringing the sea to the skin, being the first professional cosmetic line where all the water used is 100% seawater for all its cosmetic forms.

Thalàxia is born with a sub-line completely dedicated to epigenetics and anti-pollution.

Lifestyle habits, sport, drugs, daily stress, the environment, micro-organisms, viruses, etc., affect the epigenetics of our organism, causing damage to the skin and/or accelerated ageing. Pollution plays a very negative role in this respect (COx reactive species, NOx, SOx, PM and other VOCs) activating counterproductive genomic mechanisms in our skin.

The latest advances in medicine and cosmetics include the so-called epigenetic science. Epigenetics is the science that studies the mechanisms and set of functional elements that regulate the activity and expression of a cell’s genes without altering their DNA sequence. Many epigenetic modifications can be slowed or even reversed by epigenetic reprogramming, as in the case of cellular ageing. Among the factors that mark ageing are: 30% genetic, 50% lifestyle and 20% stress. The last two form the epigenetic factors, i.e. 70% of the cause of ageing can be tackled with epigenetic cosmetics.

Representación rueda de interacción sinérgica de algunos elementos de la tabla periódica.

The Thalàxia anti-pollution line is based on the normalisation of all skin types. It focuses on balancing the phenomenon of epidermal homeostasis (correcting the correct proliferation, differentiation and desquamation of the epidermis) through the use of epigenetic active ingredients that combine effectiveness in beauty and skin health, reversing all types of aged, punished, unstructured skin and skin with anomalies (such as atopy, xerosis, scaly skin…), with visible results, tested and proven from the first application. Visible results that return in record time a more youthful, smoothed and normalised skin*.

* Clinical study carried out on 74 people with reactive and altered skin.
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