When was Thalàxia created?

Thalàxia was created in 2012, being the first professional cosmetics company in the world to use 100% seawater.

When was the first cream in the world to be emulsified with 100% seawater?

This milestone was achieved in 2015 by Veliture Laboratories with joint research between the company, the Institute of Materials Science of the University of Valencia (ICMUV) and a Spanish pharmaceutical company.

How was it possible to give seawater an enhanced effect for use in cosmetics?

The research focused on stabilising 100% seawater, together with the synergy of several phytocosmetic active ingredients that enhanced the normalising effect of seawater on the skin. To this end, Biopolo (a spin-off of the La Fe hospital in Valencia) participated in the research from 2012 to 2015 and observed a significant improvement in patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

What was the value of a hospital study in the initial phases of the study?

It was key to confirming the important dermo-cosmetic effect of seawater and the synergy of active ingredients chosen, in order to extrapolate these effects to the cosmetic level, where we can see optimal results in terms of repair, moisturising and normalisation of unstructured skin.

Are there any other lines on the market with 100% seawater?

Logically, Thalàxia and the products developed by the collaborating pharmaceutical company were pioneers, with a marked “school” effect that we have even seen in Korea. However, the emulsions used by other potential competitors are in most cases gelling agents or structures that are different from the emulsions that consumers crave. This is due to the fact that the emulsion systems under investigation cannot be copied, as they have a patent from the pharmaceutical company and another patent from Thalàxia, which protects the know-how of the products. Not to be confused with the marine lines, which most of the time work with marine active ingredients but are not formulated with seawater, or contain only concentrates or insignificant doses.

Why is Thalàxia better than seawater?

Thalàxia is the result of using seawater, together with active ingredients and excipients that have been carefully researched to enhance the different effects sought for each specific cosmetic. Thalàxia’s (and Elinné’s) high capacity for research and innovation, together with seawater, is what makes Thalàxia unique compared to other competing cosmetics.

Why is Thalàxia based on Japanese haute cosmetics?

Given our extensive experience in this field and our high demand to continue being pioneers in this area, the result of all this accumulated knowledge and after 7 years of absolute dedication, since 2012, with seawater, Thalàxia was born. A line in which all the knowledge acquired by the laboratory is applied to the advancement of the latest professional trends and which concluded its research with a training in Brittany in France and

another intensive one in Japan where the group found the final inspiration in the Japanese beauty rituals, acquiring new techniques of work in professional cabin and where elinné finalised the most demanded Japanese textures nowadays. Thalàxia is a japan-beauty taken to the field of the most advanced epigenetics, naturalness and thalassotherapy.

What ingredients make up Thalàxia?

Thalàxia is a line with no added preservatives in any of its products (only multifunctional active ingredients), without toxins, with hypoallergenic aromas, with ingredients that perform an epigenetic activation in the area of anti-ageing beauty and skin health, with a global anti-pollution effect that protects and corrects the damage generated by our most harmful environment (pollution, stress, atopy, inadequate diet and lifestyle habits, etc.). And all through the purest thalassotherapy found to date in a cosmetic line.

What type of skin, in general, is Thalàxia recommended for?

The Thalàxia anti-pollution line is based on the normalisation of all skin types. It focuses on balancing the phenomenon of epidermal homeostasis (correcting the correct proliferation, differentiation and desquamation of the epidermis) through the use of epigenetic active ingredients that combine effectiveness in beauty and skin health, reversing all types of aged, punished, unstructured skin and skin with anomalies (such as atopy, xerosis, scaly skin…), with visible results, tested and proven from the first application. Visible results that return in record time a more youthful, less stressed and normalised skin.

Recent scientific studies have pointed out the harmful effects of pollution on the skin. How does Thalàxia anti-pollution work to correct the damage caused?

Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that polluting environments cause damage to our skin, generating not only aesthetic problems but also health problems, and for this reason both dermatologists and cosmetologists are working together in this worrying and growing field. The best way to protect the skin is with active ingredients that create a 24h protective layer, others that neutralise possible damage (oxidation, dehydration, etc.) and others that repair damage that has already affected us. At Thalàxia we work with all these concepts of anti-pollution actives combining epigenetic strategies.

What is the role of R&D&I for Elinné, the brand to which Thalàxia belongs?

Thalàxia is one of the lines belonging to Elinné. Elinné is always in continuous research with the most advanced phytotechnology, developing lines as pioneering as Thalàxia. Elinné has other professional lines with results as effective as Thalàxia but in other cosmetic fields, such as sensitive skin cosmetics, oncological cosmetics, moisturising cosmetics, corneotherapy, radiance therapy, depigmentation, natural BIO cosmetics (according to ISO16128 standard), ETC.

Where is the seawater used in this cosmetic line extracted from?

The purified seawater used in Thalàxia comes from the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

It is extracted in places with a very high biological value, 300m from the coast, within a Protected Natural Reserve catalogued as an Area of Maximum Water Quality (Class A), where there are gardens of poseidonias (they only grow in seawater of maximum

purity), taking the water from vortices contrary to the sea currents to guarantee greater safety, at a depth of 7 metres (where the best index of active ingredients is found).

Water rich in oxygen, minerals and organic compounds, sources of life, subjected to a sophisticated patented multi-stage ultrafiltration process, cold sterilisation and a highly selective purification system that manages to eliminate organic matter, bacteria and other microorganisms, without altering the mineral composition and all its richness in trace elements and organic compounds. Seawater that managed to be the first seawater in the world with the quality of food water for human consumption granted by the WHO.

The mineral characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea are unique in our planet and it is one of the most suitable for its bioavailability for human beings, given its salinity and mineralogy, characteristics that make it very similar in composition to physiological liquids in our organism.

Is Thalàxia suitable for recovering the skin microbiome?

A clinical study by Veliture Laboratorios, published in the Spanish Ministry of Culture (work registered with nº CVA-000322-2021) has scientifically demonstrated that the continued use of Thalàxia anti-pollution Essence of the Sea has a clear tendency to reduce the survival of different microorganisms, as well as repairing the homeostasis of the skin (normalisation of the skin) and its microbiome.

This characteristic makes it unique when it comes to combating problems derived from sanitary masks, such as Maskné (acnes, acnes rosacea, …), pimples, redness, atopic dermatitis, and other skin problems that require normalisation.

Can Thalàxia sting or bother me when I apply it?

Thalàxia is formulated with 100% seawater and is therefore rich and concentrated in trace elements and dissociated salts. On very unstructured skin, the first few applications of Thalàxia may be uncomfortable. This is normal and foreseeable, as it is the same as what would happen if we bathed in seawater, as the skin is very damaged and needs to be repaired. Thalàxia, however, is fast-acting, which means that after continuous application for 1 to 3 days, this discomfort effect disappears after using the cosmetic, due to the high rate of repair and normalisation that the Thalàxia line has.

Which Thalàxia product improves the condition of the skin?

It is not just one product that normalises unstructured skin, it is the whole range. All Thalàxia products have this property as the basis of the brand. Then each Thalàxia cosmetic will also have a different, complementary application with a specific action (anti-ageing, firming, anti-cellulite, moisturising, oxygenating, etc.).

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