Energizing facial cream normal / oily skin (200 ml)

Brand:  Thalàxia

Energizing emulsion for normal / oily skin with vegetable taurine and bamboo extract, with a texture that fixes to the skin very quickly with a touch of luminosity from the first application. It contains an anti-pollution mesh, protects genomic integrity and generates different visible anti-ageing effects in just a few days. Woman / man (very appropriate for men).

Efficacy tested: Test VE076 on stressed skin; preserves the potential of youth, energizing, anti-fatigue 24 hours, hydrates, regenerates, is anti-redness and anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, radiance, antioxidant and helps to delay ageing.

Main actives ingredients: Ultrafiltered hypertonic seawater, Zinc glycinate epigenetic complex, Aloe vera BIO (IASC certified), Corallina, Bamboo, Norwegian Kelp, Phospholipids, Spirulina, Blue microalgae, Licorice.


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Our lifestyle habits, sport, drugs, daily stress, the environment, microorganisms, viruses, etc., affect the epigenetics of our organism, causing damage to the skin and/or accelerated ageing. Pollution plays a very negative role in this respect (COx reactive species, NOx, SOx, PM and other VOCs) activating counterproductive genomic mechanisms in our skin.

The thalàxia anti-pollution line is based on normalising any type of skin, focusing on balancing the phenomenon of epidermal homeostasis (correcting the correct proliferation, differentiation and desquamation of the epidermis) and using epigenetic active ingredients that combine effectiveness in beauty and skin health, reversing all types of aged, punished, unstructured skin and skin with anomalies (such as atopy, xerosis, scaly skin, …), with visible, proven and proven results from the first application2. ), with visible, tested and proven results from the first application2.

thalàxia anti-pollution anti-ageing cream for normal/oily skin is indicated for people who wish to normalise their skin with a marked anti-ageing effect. Normal/oily skin. Energising emulsion with plant taurine and bamboo extract, with a texture that quickly adheres to the skin with a touch of radiance from the first application, with different anti-ageing effects visible in just a few days. Ideal for men.

The thalàxia anti-pollution normal/mixed skin anti-ageing cream contains a complete epigenetic anti-ageing treatment with an anti-pollution effect1,13. It normalises2 all skin types (especially atopic, xerotic and scaly skin), preserves youth potential4,6,8,12, energising (ATP)9, 24h anti-fatigue12, moisturises3,12, regenerates2,3, is anti-redness and anti-inflammatory2,3,7, anti-stress2,3,7,12, radiance5, antioxidant10,11, and helps delay ageing (inhibition of metalloproteases)14. All the effects described for each active ingredient are proven to be effective.

Remember that thalàxia by elinné makes green cosmetics, free of added preservatives.

Plant species known for…

  • BAMBOO: Anti-wrinkle, anti-solar, ideal for extreme environmental conditions.
  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA (IASC): moisturises, regenerates and soothes.
  • ZINC GLYCINATE COMPLEX: epigenetic active ingredient. Zinc glycinate suppresses UV-induced epidermal interference and reduces the activation of metalloproteases in fibroblasts. Marked antioxidant effect (stimulates the synthesis of glutathione, which is our endogenous anti-radical defence system), anti-spot and collagen protector.
  • SPIRULINA: is a microalgae. Rich in vitamin E and carotenes. High protection against free radicals.
  • PHOSPHOLIPIDS: reinforce the skin barrier (NMF). They are extracted from soya, sunflower and canola. They are a source of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
  • CORALLINE: Red algae. Contains high amounts of vegetable taurine. The best ATP stimulant from plant sources.
  • NORWEGIAN KELP: seaweed rich in flavotanins. Protects DNA and stimulates the synthesis of endogenous antioxidants.
  • BLUE MICROALGAE: Inhibits cellular stress.
  • REGALIZ: anti-redness, anti-inflammatory, depigmenting.
  • HYPERTONIC SEA WATER: remineralises, reduces TEWL.

The active ingredients contained in the product were studied at the doses used by elinné, giving the different effects that have been clinically tested.

  1. Test VE076 on the application of the elinné preparation on stressed skin. Test on 10 volunteers aged 30-67 years applying the elinné preparation twice a day. Tested effect after application and after daily use and evaluation after 30 days. Evaluated by Veliture Laboratories (clinical testing department).
  2. Test VE069 of normalisation in altered skins (n=74 (02-70 years) applying the thalàxia base preparation. Tested its effect after application and after continuous use twice a day for 30 days. Evaluated by Veliture laboratories (clinical testing department).
  3. In-Vivo test: Regenerator, reduces TEWL and inflammation. NCBI.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5221345 Potential health benefits of DSW seawater. International Institute of Technology & Institute of Marine Biotechnology (Malassia-Japan).
  4. In-Vitro test of protection against oxidative stress (+34% in 30 minutes): Study on human fibroblasts with measurement of free radical count by fluorescent probe after application of H2O2. Codif international, 61 rue du Commandant l’Herminier, 35400, Saint Malo (France).
  5. In-vivo test of depigmentation and skin tone uniformity: 2-week study after UV irradiation and clinical observation. Nikko Chemicals, CO., LTD. Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002 Japan.
  6. In-Vitro test of protection against dehydration due to contamination (+138% in 60 minutes): Study on human skin explant exposed to vehicle fumes with corneometer hydration measurement. Codif international, 61 rue du Commandant l’Herminier, 35400, Saint Malo (France).
  7. In-vivo test of anti-inflammatory and anti-redness effect: n=7. Each panellist applied a product to the inside of each forearm for 24 hours (occlusive patch) and clinically assessed with a very visible improvement. Nikko Chemicals, CO., LTD. Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002 Japan.
  8. In-Vivo anti-wrinkle action test (+51%): n=15, 30-50 years old, half active face and half placebo at t=30 days. Microscopic clinical observation of wrinkle depth and length. Biogründl, Barcelona (Spain).
  9. In-Vitro ATP synthesis test (+50% in 4 hours): Study in human fibroblasts measured with Mito Tox Glo Kit. Codif international, 61 rue du Commandant l’Herminier, 35400, Saint Malo (France).
  10. In-Vitro test of increase of endogenous antioxidants metallothioneins after 24h (+20%) and glutathione: ELISA method (p<0.01) in which the percentage increase of the expression of these antioxidants is studied. Nikko Chemicals, CO., LTD. Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002 Japan.
  11. In-Vitro test of ROS decrease in treated keratinocytes vs. placebo after 24h (-10%): assay after UVB irradiation in keratinocyte stem cells measured in fluorescence units (I/mg protein). Nikko Chemicals, CO., LTD. Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002 Japan.
  12. In-Vivo test of instant hydration (+44% in 2 hours), anti-fatigue (puffiness -13 and -21% in 24h and 48h; dull skin -13 and -19% in 24h and 48h; wrinkles -11 and -19% in 24h and 48h), “crow’s feet” (-15% in 28 days): n=23, 25-35 years, use 2 times/day. Codif international, 61 rue du Commandant l’Herminier, 35400, Saint Malo (France).
  13. In-Vivo anti-pollution test on antioxidant level (+3% in 15 minutes), pollution chelator (maximum activity in 5 minutes), heavy metal content (-4% in 24 hours), detoxifying (+7% in 24 hours): test n=20 on reactive panel >90% after adhesion of fine particles (2.5µm) on skin. Fluorescence spectrophotometry and dermoscopy measurements. Infinitec, Barcelona Science Park, 15-21 Baldiri Reixac, 08028 Barcelona (Spain).
  14. In-Vitro anti-ageing test with measurement of metalloprotease reduction: assay after UVB irradiation of human keratinocytes and cultured fibroblasts at t=24h for clinical measurement of MMP-1 decrease. Nikko Chemicals, CO., LTD. Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0002 Japan.
  1. Start or step 1:

Cleanse or remove make-up with thalàxia anti-pollution foaming facial cleanser.

  1. Step 2:

Apply thalàxia anti-pollution sea essence.

  1. Step 3:

Apply thalàxia anti-pollution anti-ageing serum with a gentle massage on the face and décolleté until no residue is left.

  1. Step  4:

Apply thalàxia anti-pollution anti-ageing face cream for normal/oily skin, massaging gently over the face and décolleté until no residue is left.

Note: it is compatible with the following elinné cabin treatments as a final product:

  • Thalàxia anti-pollution ritual kamakura anti-ageing facial treatment.


50ml bottle (PUBLIC).

Package 3ml and 200ml (PROFESSIONAL).

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